Winner of Street President 2018,Longation, climbs the next ladder of his life. 

Longation opens up a new chapter of his life in Dubai, the Ghanaian born rapper sent some thank you messages to Smilebaba, his fans and the whole smile entertainment crew  

‘Longa, where do I begin to thank you for your consistent support? For inspiring me to be the best I can possibly be. For giving me the strength it takes to go out in the world aka the jungle to bring you the best possible version of me. Fam, over the years we have become closer as a family.’

‘It inspires me to see that you are inspired by my energy.’

The new sensation spilt his heart out, giving thanks to the Almighty God, SmileBaba and the entire smile entertainment crew.

He then sang his Hallelujah song, which was his official single off smile entertainment label. Not forgetting his family and fans at Asaman kese, his producer and some colleagues.


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